Gamesome 1.10 on Play Store

The next update of Gamesome has finally been uploaded on the Play Store and it will propagate within the next hours!

The Changelog

Full version history here:
– Solved some issues with PSX disk images detection (experimental)
– New in-app purchases system, report issues
– New crash report system
– Material Design
– Added Sega Saturn,ZX Spectrum
– Added MAME4droid
– Added favorites
– Added rom Show/Hide feature

New App Permissions Explained

As you will notice, the Play Store will ask you to approve the update as it requires a new additional permission:

Gamesome asks you the permission to your accounts in order to choose one of your Gmail addresses that will be used to send crash reports, this operation from now on will be automatic and silent: many users try the app, have a crash and instead of reporting a bug give a 1 star review without giving any feedback, this hopefully will help identifying problems more quickly.

If you don’t want to use your email address you can choose to send anonymous reports, the consequence is that I won’t be able to answer you back if necessary.

Gamesome needs this new permission in order to create and display a list of the existing Gmail accounts on your device, nothing more!


Gamesome Future Updates

Since I’ll soon start my CS MSc thesis, the time to work on Gamesome will lack. During these months I’ll keep development active just for minor updates/fixes and I’ll probably improve the website, but I’ll talk about this in a blog post at the proper time 🙂

Gamesome 1.08 released

Hi users,

Thank you for the crash reports that you’ve sent me in these days. They were really helpful and made the fixing process much faster! 🙂
I’ve just uploaded the Gamesome 1.08 APK to the Google Play Store and it will be available within few hours.

There’s not much to say about new features, here’s the change log:

– Check 1.07 log for new features
– Lots of fixes
– Covers will be kept, but roms need to be scanned again

The fixes include:

  • Fixed the bug that made Gamesome ramdomly crash during scan
  • Restored scan of subfolders
  • Fixed C64,PSX,Dreamcast,etc. scan
  • Fixed the show/hide region and title settings

If you notice any problem don’t hesitate contacting me.

Have a nice day!

Gamesome 1.07 officially released

Dear Users,

your wait was long and your patience admirable, but the new Gamesome update has finally been uploaded on the Play Store and will be available within some hours on your devices.

You can check here the official change log.

Here you have a preview of the most noticeable changes in the user interface:

New scanner progress:

The scanner will show you stats instead of a progress bar: total number of roms, the number of games just scanned and the number of errors (metadata not found, online service malfunctioning or corrupted zip/7zip file), in the upcoming updates the errors will be saved in a log file.

Better search

Search is now in the top bar, complying the Android user interface design standards.

For feedbacks and problems don’t hesitate sending an email!

New update in beta-testing

I owe you my apologies, because I underestimated the extent of the changes that had to be made to the code in order to add further features in the future.

By the way, the new Gamesome update will be available within some days.
The coding phase has officially ended and now everything needs to be accurately tested.

Here’s the change log (my advice is to check here, as I often update it):

  • Fixed crashes related to PSX games (unrecognized games will not be added)
  • Added 7zip support (”experimental”)
  • Changed data structure (All game metadata moved to SQLite database)
  • Using of OpenVGDB to implement offline scan
  • All cover images have now the same name of the game file (”experimental”)
  • Adding support for fanarts (”experimental”)
  • New Search

Unfortunately, there is also a bad news: Online search is temporarily disabled because I need more time to make it work properly again.

If you have any questions, feel free to post on forums or send an email!

PS Don’t worry for fanarts, they will be soon added 🙂 !