Gamesome 1.08 released

Hi users,

Thank you for the crash reports that you’ve sent me in these days. They were really helpful and made the fixing process much faster! 🙂
I’ve just uploaded the Gamesome 1.08 APK to the Google Play Store and it will be available within few hours.

There’s not much to say about new features, here’s the change log:

– Check 1.07 log for new features
– Lots of fixes
– Covers will be kept, but roms need to be scanned again

The fixes include:

  • Fixed the bug that made Gamesome ramdomly crash during scan
  • Restored scan of subfolders
  • Fixed C64,PSX,Dreamcast,etc. scan
  • Fixed the show/hide region and title settings

If you notice any problem don’t hesitate contacting me.

Have a nice day!