New ideas for Gamesome UI

Hello everyone,

I haven’t been using this blog for a long time, but now I’d like to revamp the UI of Gamesome to make it simpler and appealing on TV devices as well.

Many of you seem to not like the new colored boxes UI this much, so I’m asking you how the Gamesome UI should ideally look like. I’ll collect your feedback and try implementing a new UI based on it. I have several ideas, but I don’t want to make another mistake, so any suggestion is very welcome!

Do you have any ideas/suggestions? Don’t hesitate contacting me at the support email:

gamesomeapp at gmail dot com

20 thoughts on “New ideas for Gamesome UI

  1. Hey there! I am using your awesome app every day and really enjoy having a great games launcher / library on my phone. The minimal / material design is awesome and you shouldn’t change it.

    One way for user satisfaction is giving more customization options like changing the icon and the background color of a console.

    What would be awesome too is to directly start a game when tapping instead of opening details. You could add an icon to the cover to see the details though.

    Also it would be great is having favourite games for every single console. So I can set up separate favourites for DS and GBC.

    You could also add customizable UI colors like many apps already feature (like Shuttle Music Player).

    The details page could be optimized by not displaying the cover image as a background image but as a card with the shortcuts beneath it.

    An option to disable immersive mode would be awesome too, so you don’t always have to swipe up to get back.

    But for me the most important thing is: If you plan to radically change everything please leave a legacy app available so users who don’t like the new version can install the old one instead.

    If you need help (I’m a Screendesigner) contact me any time.

    Thanks for your awesome app, it makes retro gaming so much more enjoyable.


  2. Zeix says:

    I showed off the first version to my friends a lot but not so much the blocky 2.0 with tiny icons. I hope you can make the thumbnails resizable or bigger so that one can really look at the cover arts all lined up like before. Great stuff through! Keep up the good work. It’s only getting better and better!


  3. Alex says:

    Could you create Themes for change background color/wallpapers and icons. Congratulations. Great Frontend. Another option: The plataform´s menu like Emulation Station frontend menu.


  4. michael says:

    Personally I have no issues with the look of the program I think it is easy on the eyes and don’t feel you should invest much time with the interface right now. I would rather see more time spent documenting the settings themselves so we can tweak them on our own. I have a few additional emulators that I use and would love to know how to add them to the interface. I also agree with the comment above, having the ability to launch the game directly without having to go thru the information page would be great, as well as having all of the emulators return directly to Gamesome after quitting the game.


  5. Randman says:

    Great work on a great front end. A favourites icon for each profile would be nice and a favourites icon on the main page with all platform favourites would be awesome!

    Also, how I remove old remove old rom paths?


  6. Heder says:

    Please add visual option, change icons of the consoles, change the size of the game covers, change other visual options, the old gamesome versions were much more beautiful than the current one, so it would be better for each person to change and leave as he prefers .


  7. What I would love is a back button on the interface. The app is full screen so the navigation bar is auto-hidden. Which means to go back a screen I need to open the menu or slide my finger near the screen edge to make the navigation bar reappear.

    This isn’t an issue if you have a controller or a remote, but that is not always available.


  8. Jim Bozley says:

    I also think the UI is just fine. Don’t let the haters get to you.

    I’m loving GS, and will be paying for it shortly. I have a few small issues I hope you don’t mind me mentioning here.

    – I have to set the Game Metadata Folder to my SD card every time I launch GS, otherwise it uses the internal folder

    – Searching frequently causes GS to crash while I’m entering the search string

    – The RetroArch ParaLLEl N64 emulator won’t launch, Retroarch Mupen64Plus works from GS, and ParaLLel works when launched from RetroArch directly.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A running Android 5.1.1

    Thanks for the great work!


  9. I really like all of the suggestions above (customizable backgrounds, back button,direct info page, etc.) I was able to change the icons of the consoles myself by replacing the existing png’s….what would be great is to have a “no background” option so all you see is the console or cover art, I know it’s to help categorize by console but since each console has its own folder, I don’t think this is all that necessary. I’m sure it helps as a placeholder if someone doesn’t have cover art but perhaps a “no background” but just a border outline instead.

    It would be nice to be able to manually add missing cover art when the online scraping does not provide any results. I have to go into the app system files in order to add them.

    Lastly, I noticed that most of the users above are using the app on touchscreen but I am using Gamesome as my frontend on a FireTv. The app works fine with it but perhaps consider potential optimization tweaks for Android/Amazon boxes as well 🙂 Can’t think of any, but just a consideration since I bet several users are now doing the same thing.

    Love this frontend, great work!!!


  10. Mauricio says:

    What I would like to see is support for the .EMU Free emulators. I’ve been using them for a long time without issues. I created some .xml files and added them to Gamesome. Not the free emulators show as options, but when launching a game it goes to the emulator menu instead of going directly to the game. Maybe I’m missing something in the .xml file


    1. vektor says:

      .EMU Free emulators aren’t compatible with any frontend because they don’t support executing games from an external app like a frontend.


      1. Mauricio says:

        Yes, after some experimentation I got to that conclusion. Anyway, now I’m using Retroarch instead of most of those emulators and it’s awesome. Specially since retroarch UI on Android is not great. But with Gamesome it’s fantastic!


  11. Darren Wilkinson says:

    I for my tablet I liked the platform photos that the old UI used but I can see how they might be too “busy” for a TV box. Also I liked the left/right swiping on the platform selection screen. I think it would be nice to have an option for the coloured boxes or the photos. Also I liked the swiping left/right on the platform selection screen and the a-z that used to be on the side on the game browser. If those were brought back I think this would actually make a good replacement android homescreen/launcher app ( don’t like widgets much).


  12. octophetus says:

    Dying for the ability to search the database to correct matches when the scraper doesn’t come through! Missing metadata and art for lots of titles where it’s often times just a simple name difference like “vs”/”vs.”/”versus” etc. PLZ!


  13. marcnaples says:

    Hey. I’m loving this app–makes me ShieldTV and emulator dream machine!

    If you’re still taking suggestions:

    -When you click on a game you get an ugly, cropped and zoomed box art image for the background with game options on the right. I think it would be better to perhaps have a basic background, but automatically load the game info on the left part of the screen. It would be the current ‘game info’ stuff, but maybe with boxart + screenshot (rather than just boxart).

    -Sounds/Music when browsing?

    -Adjustable font size for all those titles being cut off or some other solution.

    -Manually add individual games. I’m trying to add some PSX and SegaCD images, but many aren’t getting detected at all (so can’t even if do manual update of title/art). I’m sure I’ll figure it out, but just a straightforward add game and manually browse to it would be good.

    Fingers crossed for another update! Great job!


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