Marshmallow and 1.12 b63

As many of you have noticed, Marshmallow has finally arrived to the Shield TV and Tablet!

This means that you have now access to very nice features, such as adoptable storage.

This also means that you have now a better way to grant/revoke permissions (e.g. network or camera usage permissions) to your apps.

Finally, this means that developers have to change their applications in order to comply these new standards.

The latest official version of Gamesome, 1.12b63, does not implement the new permission model and therefore you’ll get errors when trying to set paths or scanning rom folders.

You have at the moment two options, update to 2.0 beta or wait for an official 2.0 release.

With 2.0 beta you’ll need to re-scan your games but you won’t lose custom covers, as long as they are in png format. Moreover, since it is a beta version, expect sudden – but not frequent – changes and some tinkering.