Gamesome 2.0 Public Beta

Making a complete documentation is just too long at the moment, the bare instructions that I previously prepared and the instructions provided here will do for now 🙂

Getting the APK
In order to be able to download the beta version of Gamesome, you’ll have to subscribe to the dedicated Google+ Community, once you’re in, you have to enable beta updates on the play store, open this link and then click on “become a tester”. You can leave the beta program at any time and you’ll get the latest public update available. Using the G+ community makes communications easier: I don’t have to reply to very similar email messages and at the same time there’s no 160 characters limit like on Twitter.
Important: Beta apks on the Play Store are updated with a delay because of reviews and you might get a less updated beta apk. Get the apk from the G+ Community: all new beta updates will be received automatically through Play Store, but I’ll publish there the updated APKs before they appear on the Play Store.

Crash reports aren’t automatic anymore, they are manual as they were in the old versions, so you’ll be asked if you want to send an email.

It’s all grey!
In order to see platforms and emulators, you need to load their profiles.

  • Download the zip file containing profiles from here
  • Put the emulators and platforms folders into the Gamesome folder in the root of your internal storage.
  • Open the app 🙂

Known Issues

  1. Still no MAME/FBA scraper, sorry!
  2. No ads in the first beta updates (it’s not that bad actually 😀 )
  3. Options are not complete yet, if you click on some option and nothing happens, this means that it still needs to be finished
  4. To make scan faster, games are now identified just by the name of their file. More advanced scan techniques will be available, but just for who wants them as an external plugin.
  5. Marshmallow support is high on the todo list, but I need a test device and I’ll ask a friend of mine if he’ll borrow me his phone for testing. I can’t rely only on Android emulators.
  6. Since I need some feedback on the game scanner, all your previous games are not loaded, in the complete version there will be an importer to get your roms back (but if you scan them in the beta, you won’t need this feature 🙂 ).
  7. With the new Android libraries, input detection is getting more and more deprecated on mobile devices, so it has to be handled manually. I strongly suggest you to use the app on a device with touchscreen. 100% dpad navigation is a bit clumsy.
  8. In order to scan games, you need to be online.
  9. A lot of bugs that I won’t be able to reproduce because they happen only on your device (hopefully not!)

Report me any problems you’re encountering. I’ll try to fix them as soon as possible!