Gamesome 2.0 status

First of all, even if I’m late, happy holidays to all of you!

I wanted to release Gamesome beta on Christmas, but I had to pause Gamesome development because of a task at university which couldn’t be postponed, but today I’ve something really close to a public beta version!

Emulators seem to work fine, I successfully managed to launch games using customizable profiles!

I need to do some further testing before publicly releasing the beta.
I know that many of you want this update so badly, but I want to remember another time that the public beta will help me to detect problems more quickly and it is not suitable for end-users.

A list of known issues and temporary limitations will be published, together with a – hopefully – complete explanation of how the new app will work.
It will be up to you deciding whether to install the beta update or not. Basic functionalities such as roms scan or game execution are already working 🙂

Your wait is almost over!