New update is getting closer

Yesterday there was another blackout. Luckily it was just temporary and in 2-3 hours everything went well.
I received and read all of your crash reports and Play Store reviews and also answered back explaining what was causing the problem.

The update is almost done, the new solution seems to be more solid and reliable than the previous one. Finally it will be possible to add a division of games by their genre and the support for a favorite games list 🙂

I just need to update the user interface and start with testing.

I will then release an update with these new tweaks and I’ll continue working on the website. I’m trying to put all of my efforts to improve the quality of the user support, for now if you have any problem just send me an email (it’s on the Play Store page of the app), just adding a 1 star review doesn’t help both of us 🙂